Beware Of The Red Eyed Elk

by Son of Heatwave

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released April 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Son of Heatwave California

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Track Name: Blood Orange
Some people think that
You can hit them with your car.
But with the limited
protection of the windshield
and the force of each appendage
Up against it you wouldn't walk away.
Some people think that you can just try
And ignore.
But were already so unconscious
of the harm of the red-eyed elk
that any ignorance just might
keep our senses in their cell.
You don't have to run away from
The red-eyed elk.
Blood orange!
Track Name: The "Is" In Christmas
I don't want to worry anymore.
I need to get a steady job,
just as soon as I can.
I want to let my wife stay home with our son,
and work her last day at the city.
Though all of my life,
I've lived with a resounding
peace of mind I can't ignore.
This Christmas just feels so different
since peace of mind is not mine to afford.
I was a poet too long, and now I'm paying for it
now I got to find something for me.
I've got a bachelor's degree,
but I'm no bachelor you see.
I want to show my son that life is often fair
and that there are lines that hold
and villages that are spared, though no one cares.
I want to say that everything is alright
I want to be strong enough to give.
I want my wife to sleep through the night,
and work her last day at the city.
Track Name: Moth
Moth they say that you eat clothes.
And although I don't believe that
I'm sorry, but I must destroy you.
Since this is the room where I sleep,
my mouth open in the dark,
my sense of touch at rest until morning.
I have nothing against your thrilling shades
of gray and black. And neither do I hate
your thick and odd shaped frame.
I would simply like to live out my life,
memoryless of the taste of your wing powder.
Track Name: College
College graduation,
graduated cylinders
the future is ours
because we paid so much money for it.
Lonely little dagger wake up
we'll collect weighted lists to cast your new aim at
I guess I'll study writing
I guess I'll study people
in a room full of people who hate God and want sex too much.
I'll just smile at them.
Read my poems about moths and bats
clownfish and television.
I can recite the high modernists,
and tell you which poet's life was the creepiest,
and at my parents dinner table I'll win arguments
about how contrived most country music lyrics are.
And instead of golf I'll impress my boss with my
knowledge of the classics.
Fitzgerald and Keats, The Art Of War, Frost and then J.D. Salinger
will help me get promoted, help me ascend glorious
To a pool I won't swim in and four children that
I'll name after college personnel that let me make up work
When I was caught turning in old assignments.
And at my parents dinner table I'll win arguments
about the man that we've elected president.
Track Name: Amy's Song
I don't want you to ever doubt
that there isn't anyone who loves you as much as I do.
You hold my health, when you hold my hand.
And when you hold my hand,
I'm above the sidewalk cracks and glass.
So I'll fight with a pen, scrap it all and then start again
till I find a way to sing and say "I love being married to you."
Around you I try to be at least mechanically fair.
And when it all works out,
you're a muse of sorts with strawberry hair.
You're branches above gorgeous on a makeupless day.
I bet all the fellas at your workplace hope I die,
so that they can write you poetry, guiltlessly.
So, I'll fix this chair, and after that probably vacuum the stairs.
I'll idle above your lists of cares.
I love being married to you.
Track Name: The Boy And The Orange Corvette
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad
to take the orange corvette that you inherited.
Your father left it willed to you, he left you as well.
But there are doves in the engine,
and though you're entitled all
don't you go and say that you won't hurt anyone
I'd like to give you an ax, so you could cut your roots back
And leave the orange corvette exactly where you found it.
Track Name: The Nylon Wins
I'll be the last voice that you hear tonight
There on your way, from your second home
Your eyes will close 30 seconds too long
You'll see your shoulders casting out your weightless limbs
Your head against the steering wheel, the nylon wins
The door still works, and you use it
Can you even believe, that you were seconds away
From being an article that a man reads to his wife
And tells her that "there's one less drunk in the world"
Yet, there's one less drunk in the world
But not at the end of this morning's wreck
Nothing to stare at,
nothing to shield their eyes from after they stare.
Track Name: I Am A June Bug, I Am A Crayon
As an optimist, you're full of lies just waiting to be lies
Till the top heavy moment comes around
But it's alright, I wouldn't have made you any other way
And your propose peels away all the paper
while the other crayons look fine
and some people try their best
but your off watching
the junebug throw itself into another surface
there's a window if he stays awake to find it
your just as sacred, you only hide it well.
Track Name: The Smaller Sword
Lyndon Johnson's housecat's phantom is here
And he gets pale,
when I'm leaning more toward the smaller sword.
The feline shifts from merely lines to air.
So I'm leaving,
I'm leaving my house with the smaller sword.
Clownfish cohabitate with the sting of death.
And car-phones have only got 14 minutes left.
And we'll all be better off,
when their songs have all been lost
with every sentence sinking
as it clicks against the coral floor
and it seems as if we're winning by the growing league
of all of the smaller swords
leaning at the panel by the door,
and I creep in removing their necks from their tensioned wires
the headline names the two assassins slain,
and they say that the suspect may have used
a smaller sword.
Track Name: The Red-Eyed Elk
The Red-Eyed Elk have taken you away
They guard their captives well
There's a group that is leaving today
I can't be there.
There's a stream that leads to a dam by my home
I vowed to hold it's watery arms.
And the hull has taken cracks
I must stay back.
Below the dam, there are many homes just like my home
There's a girl who has just become well
and I can't, I can't take that chance
I must stay back.
The red-eyed elk are difficult to wake,
so I'm sure you've already escaped.

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